Has social media gone too far?

I am in Wilmington, NC this morning preparing for a workshop with MMC Wilmington and MMC Jacksonville. Imagine then the timeliness I felt as I picked up my free copy of USA Today to find the headline reading Has Social Media Gone Too Far?

Written by By Rick Hampson, Donna Leinwand and Mary Brophy Marcus for USA TODAY, the article describes how a recent suicide shows a need for civility, privacy online.

I encourage you to read the article in its entirety and speak up about how this unfortunate incident relates to social media overall and if the the headline is not misleading in its claim that social media is to blame.


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3 Responses to Has social media gone too far?

  1. Philip says:

    If nothing else this should be a lesson to us that we need to be the role models in the classroom and now also online. Moving into the Social Media realm is new for some of us, but old hat to others. To most of our students, it is used more than email. The difference most times is that the messages are there for everyone to see and not just a message between two people. By being the role model to the students online and constantly reminding them about what they put onto Facebook and Twitter could be accessed by anyone. I read an article recently about what is done online. The article asked, do you Google yourself? Probably something we should send to our students, as we are hearing that employers are starting to google potential employees.

  2. andrewodom says:

    According to the Oregon Business Reports coverage of a CareerBuilder survey, 45% of employers used social networking sites to research job candidates in 2009; a huge jump from 22 percent in 2008. Can you even imagine what the numbers for 2010 will be?

    You are so right Philip. It is so important that we begin to see ourselves as role models in every facet of our lives. We ask it of sports figures (see Tiger Woods), celebrities (see Paris Hilton), etc, so why not ask it of ourselves?

    As I teach in all the workshops, the Internet is forever! Don’t believe it? Play around on archive.org sometime!

    Thanks for adding to the conversation Philip. Pleased to have you online.

  3. jenniemeyer says:

    Wow. This is hard for me. I didn’t like the way the author protrayed the Internet and social media as the bad guy here. This is about people and courtousy. I like the idea that Rutger’s had about building Internet civility. I think that people are maybe still hanging on to the idea that the Internet isn’t serious. That really just comes down to education and like Philip said, role modeling. But here is the catch, we have to talk about it constintally. You all know how people are; you hang a flier in their face and they don’t see it. People need to be reminded constantly about stuff like this until a paradigm shift happens – not an easy task.

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