Seniors now making their move on Social Media

The Pew Internet & American Life Project finds social networking usage between April 2009 and May 2010:

  • Grew 88% among users aged 55-64
  • 65 and older group’s presence grew 100%
  • Users aged 50 and older increased usage from 22% to 42%
  • 47% of 50-64 year-old users indicate they use social media
  • 26% of those over 65 indicated they use social media

How do you feel about senior adults taking over the ‘net spaces? Do you know any older adults that are becoming Facebook addicts? How can we leverage this audience to help support our campuses and our messaging?

Editor’s Note: Facebook and LinkedIn are the main social media sites this more mature crowd frequents.

Originally posted on Socialnomics by Erik Qualman.


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9 Responses to Seniors now making their move on Social Media

  1. Michelle says:

    My 85-year old mother-in-law has been on facebook for years now and she’s asking for an iPad for Christmas. I think it’s great! On the other hand, we have quite a crew of middle-age and older students here who are not computer literate at all and are afraid to experiment on the Internet. They probably could benefit from a facebook workshop but they seem to respond most to one-on-one sessions at the computer. (By the way, I also want an iPad for Christmas … just in case anyone is making a list…)

    • andrewodom says:

      How then could we effectively offer computer tutoring to these students? They certainly need the knowledge for the workplace. Would a peer tutoring group work?

      • jenniemeyer says:

        The LIBRARY (and yes this is a plug). Most tutoring services happen out of our libraries anyway. Many of our students need remedial work in not just information/computer literacy, but also, English, math, etc. This can become particularly difficult if you have a high bilingual population. The Raleigh library offers continuous workshops on; research/information literacy, computer and emailing basics, and I have even done one on social media. There is no limit to the ways our libraries and resource centers can help in the education of our students… and remember, we HAVE to have them.

  2. Dawn Zimmerman says:

    I think that’s awesome! I am in that age group of “senior usage”! What a hoot!

    • andrewodom says:

      A hoot that y’all are using it so frequently now or a hoot because you are a senior? hahahahah. I hope you are getting your discount at Denny’s! hahahahahha

  3. jenniemeyer says:

    I love that more seniors are seening the benefits of social media. I wonder if maybe one reason for getting to know the technology is because so many young family members relocate for jobs and college. Hopefully they are all going to their public library and really learning about privacy for these systems. (yes, another plug – via la library!) Perhaps one way we could out reach to this group would be to provide that training ourselves, like a community college would. With the hit that many seniors got from the stock fall it’s also very likely that many are needing to return to work. Offering quick certification might help them return to the workforce in an area they weren’t in before.

  4. Rachel Garrison says:

    I love the fact that older generations are getting on facebook and experiementing with Social Media, however, the down side is someone like my mother who is now obesessed! Also, I would not mind an IPAD for Christmas, would make updating the schools facebook page a breeze! 😉

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