How to set up Google Alerts

It occurred to me just an hour ago that perhaps the very same tools I use to seem somewhat “omniscient” may be fantastic ones for you to use. Between Facebook, Twitter, DiggIt, Google Reader, BuzzWords, MS Messenger, Skype, and Google Alerts, I pretty much have my finger on the pulse of the web, day in and day out.

But right now I want to focus in on Google Alerts. Consider Alerts to be a bit like an old 3-way phone call in which your friend would call up someone you had a crush on, bring you in on the call, not tell the other person, and then proceed to ask how that person feels about you. Remember those? Well, Alerts allows us to do the same thing. We can be emailed anytime someone says something about us.

Today I received 13 notifications about the words Miller Motte, 9 on McCann, 12 on Miami-Jacobs, 2 on Berks, etc.

But how do YOU do this? How can you also “be in the know” when it comes to that 3-way call?

Thanks to Flyte – a Maine Web design and Internet marketing company working with small businesses and non-profits through the US and the world – I have a great video to show you with just such information.

So? What do you think? Are you going to try out Google Alerts? Do you think it would help you with other social media goals to know what is being said about your campus?


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5 Responses to How to set up Google Alerts

  1. Rachel Garrison says:

    I already have google alerts set up for many of the employers here in Jacksonvile, American Red Cross, Navy Hospital, Onslow Memorial, Ect. I have found this a great way to stay up to date on what is happening locally, it also helps when I am speaking to employers to know what is going on in their worlds.

    On a side note, I attended a Lions Club meeting today. Some of the Senior members were having a discussion about what another members facebook status said earlier this week. This is a true testement that the older population is buying into facebook.

    • andrewodom says:

      I love it! I can hear it now.

      “Bob? Bob. Did you see what Harry put on his status? No one cares about his colonoscopy. I can’t believe he thought we’d care.”

      “I know Betty. I know. But you know what they say. If you don’t like it, don’t look.”

      “Hard not to when he posted video!,” Betty said in disgust.

  2. I use google alerts to let me know whenever anything with the words “Berks Technical Institute” shows up on the web to share with our fans.. it works very well! Goog alerts is like a bird dog going out looking for articles for papa….

    Love it…Docc

  3. Whitney Green says:

    This is great Andrew! I have never used this tool before but I’m signing up for them now. Thanks!

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