Social Media Deserves Sunshine, Not Shade!

Today’s post was written by Jenni Vance, Admissions Rep, social media apprentice, and resident red-head at the CTC-Shreveport campus.

I am quite the novice when it comes to blogging. Having said that I am still going to attempt to share something I have been actively thinking about as of late. So if you aren’t interested in my thoughts on why Social Media and New Media Marketing shouldn’t receive a little more credit and maybe even be its own department, continue reading here. If you are of like mind though, continue…..

When someone mentions Marketing or Public Relations within a company, they almost always toss everything that may sound like marketing or public relations into one, nondescript category. This includes social media. But, is there a difference? I would argue that YES, there is.

Social Media has taken on a number of definitions and nom de plumes in the past 4-5 years. But when all is said and done social media in our career field is little more than befriending your customer; creating relationship. Call it the “sneak approach” to marketing your company. It takes time and effort to create (and maintain) interesting and innovative methods that continue to capture your audience. If there are currently departments that budget tools and techniques to target the customer base and generate results then why not extend that same advantage to social media? Not to mention it is probably one of the most cost-effective forms of advertisement and public relations; low on investment, high on return!

Granted, as times change large corporation are having their eyes opened to the importance of new strategy. But a number of these same companies are quick to talk, slow to adopt. How many companies are willing to admit that social media has become a necessity for most demographics and furthermore, irreplaceable for the current times? Either way, the “hot spot” right now is social media. It is botox for the traditional brick and mortar company. It keeps us youthful, fresh, and exciting.

Personally I pay more attention to Facebook on a daily basis than I do the radio, TV, and print media combined. Twitter, Facebook, and even YouTube, and other related sites have an obvious advantage because they engage the participant each and every day; all day and all night long. They offer dialogue and challenge. They are not one-sided. Through social media we allow the customer to be as involved as they choose to be. In fact, we give them every opportunity to engage us at every turn. In fact, as I see it, social media helps make invisible the defensive barrier of advertiser vs. audience. Social media levels the playing field.

Social media is not just an important piece in marketing any business, it has become the KEY! With that being said, I think it is time to recognize social media not as a sub-category of the What Not group but rather as its own entity with deserving of its own recognition. I think I am justified in saying social media is just as important as other forms of advertisement because we do not have to wait for the customer to show interest in us, we are already there, PLANTING the interest! It allows us to become a part of their daily life, leaving them knowledgeable and comfortable with our name. Thanks to social media, we are no longer a stranger. We are a friend!


About jennivance

Hi There!! My name is Jenni. I work as an Admissions Rep at the CTC-Shreveport Campus and recently began working with the Social Media side as well. I started in January of this year and am fairly new to the business, but I am enjoying it so far! I have an almost 4 year old daughter who is my world. I'm "the baby" here on campus, the youngest employee. My past includes call center management along with working in radio for several years in promotions and as an on-air personality while going to school. I have lived in TX, IA, FL, and LA...and don't see Shreveport as the last stop - there is so much more out there to see! I love to laugh, and my favorite phrase is "cool beans." Nice to meet you all! :)
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6 Responses to Social Media Deserves Sunshine, Not Shade!

  1. Dawn Zimmerman says:

    Welcome to Delta Jenni – Love the blog; good job! I so agree, for me, social media is an awesome tool to be able to communicate with our students and our graduates – 24/7. I routinely message or reply to students/graduates in a way of coaching or mentoring or simply letting someone know that I read their post and I “like” it.

    Good job Jenni-

    Dawn Z.
    Director of Career Services
    Chattanooga – MMTC

  2. Brianna Hines says:

    Great blog Jenni!!! I’m a H.S. Admissions Rep from CTC-Monroe. I have a B.A. in Mass Communications and Public Relations. We should definitely get together and maybe work out a social media campaign for CTC Monroe/Shreveport and bring our ideas to Delta as a whole.

    CTC-Monroe is just getting in gear with our Facebook page and are seeking out ways to attract our “high school” audience to our page. When you get an opportunity I’d love to chat with you about facebook and CTC. WELCOME ABOARD!!!

    • Jenni Vance says:

      Thank you for the feedback Dawn – I agree that it increases communication as a whole, which, as we all know, is very important! 🙂

      Brianna, I think that is a great idea! We have been talking with Susan B. recently about fresh ideas to bring more activity. I think tying the two campuses together, since the distance is not overwhelming, would give us a chance to build off of each other and blow it out of the water! 🙂 My email is, Look forward to hearing from you soon!

  3. Jenni – thank you for your comments on marketing, public relations and social media. I come from a background in real estate and marketing and understand and know how important social media has become in staying connected with customers and clients. I think it is important that all departments become part of the school’s facebook page, Admissions, Financial Aid and Default Prevention. The entire school benefits from staying in touch with graduates, students and prospective students.

    Welcome to the Delta Family,
    Career Services Coordinator
    Tucson College

  4. Tyler says:

    Jenni, great blog, and I totally agree with you on the importance of social media. I love the fact that we have this blog where we can pass around ideas from hundreds of miles away. Especially for those of us that work with the high school audience Facebook is a MUST!
    I would definitely encourage everyone to come up with a handout or business card promoting their facebook page. We have had a lot of success when talking to students that may not want to give us all of their contact information, they feel much more comfortable communicating through facebook.
    We have also ran a few contests through our facebook pages to promote our students comments. Hope these few ideas can help your campuses and I would love to hear when you come up with something that works so we can use it here as well.

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