Know who your friends (and enemies) are

Facebook has done it again. They have burned the midnight oil, caught us asleep at the wheel, and optimized their weekend working (against our weekend off) unleashing a new Facebook Personal Profile! Before you cheer or guffaw, check out the walkthrough video below:

I knew this was coming since the whole “Page – Location Merge Debacle of 2010” was announced. But I didn’t expect to see this until closer until Christmas. They are live now though and are what I drank my morning coffee too. I couldn’t believe that over 40 of my friends had already made the switch. If you want to make the switch yourself (which I neither endorse nor condemn at this point) simply click on Facebook’s announcement to activate yours and check out all the new features, including revamped personal info, more prominent pictures, top interests showcased as images, more descriptive relationships and more. The slideshow below outlines some of the latest features.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So here are a few of my first impressions:

  • Ads are larger and more “front and center” which is not cool
  • Main profile image looks chopped off no matter what you do to edit the image
  • Icons below (Wall, Info, Photos, are cheesy looking)
  • Friends can now see what “Group” I have put them in. NOTE: May need to change some of the groups I made. YIKES!
  • Poke is now a standalone button which I HATE. I hate the term and I hate the option.

So? What do you think? Have you already switched? Will you be switching? What are some pros and what are some cons in your opinion?

Editor’s Note: To date there is NO backdoor once you have switched your profile. This will likely not remain an option much longer. I think we are looking at the *NEW* profile page.


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7 Responses to Know who your friends (and enemies) are

  1. Molly Margosian says:

    Since I don’t see the “UNDO” button – I don’t think I am going to get on the bandwagon. I want to see how this unfolds – so I am going to cautiously wait. Personally, I like my page how it is right now.

  2. Jennie says:

    Everything changes so quickly so I’m going to agree with Molly here and wait and see. My personal/professional pages are really pretty low key. I don’t have a ton of friends or groups and I get what I need out of Facebook just as it is right now. Within 6 months it will be different again anyway so instead of causing technostress on some – I will hold out on updating anything unless the update as something new I absolutely can’t live without.

  3. Brianna Hines says:

    Good Morning All!!!

    I love FB and have since 2005! Previous changes in the past every1 starts out saying “I hate the new FB”. This time I decided to look at it a different way. Social Media is going to always constantly change, if it’s going to be successful. I like Change! Therefore, I’ve changed my personal profile to the NEW profile, and so far I like it!
    1. There are a few things that I won’t be adding to my profile I feel are too personal and gives strangers too much of my information. ( cell # and address)
    2. I love that you can now visualize the groups your friends and family are in. (if I want to go to their profile I just click their picture in the group on my profile page)
    3. My interest and favorite teams now have a hyperlink to their facebook pages.

    I like this one! Thanks Andrew 🙂

    • andrewodom says:

      For the record, I hate change…well, most times…especially change that is unwarranted, unexplained, and offers no redeeming qualities. Like you, Brianna, I will not be adding any additional details as to who my best friend is, what their cell number is, what size shoe they wear, and how to locate them from the interstate exit ramp.

      I actually despite that you can visualize groups. Groups were created for ME to be able to easily recognize where my friends were. They were not created so you can see how I classify you. That is just unnecessary.

      You are welcome though. Enjoy and do let us know if you have any buyers remorse!

  4. Over the past couple of years I have noticed that FB changes the general format periodically. I agree with Brianna that many people dislike the changes at first but get settled into the new format and don’t want to change it months later. I haven’t changed to the new format, but it looks like when I have to go with the new format (as we always eventually have to do), I get to see more about what everyone else thinks about me. 🙂 Who considers me their BEST best friend? Who thinks they went to high school with me when they actually didn’t know me until college? I am apprehensive about these changes until I get to see all of the details (not that I’m rushing to do it). What if I don’t want my cell #, blood type, and shoe size showing to all of my friends’ friends? Hopefully the privacy settings will allow me to choose how much or how little information everyone shares on my behalf…
    P.S. As a Gen-Xer (yeah, I’m old and boring), I blame this on all of those Millennials who welcome change and need to be challenged. Just because they get bored easily, we shouldn’t all have to change, change, change with them. JK (kind of).

  5. Santo says:

    I agree with Brianna AND Andrew. Although I am not of fan of unsolicited CHANGE, we should embrace it in a positive way. I do agree groups should be kept private to the user and advertisements kept at a low profile, but facebook has continuously showed us social media success, so maybe their on to something…once again. But I’ll wait 😉

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