There’s No Place Like Facebook for the Holidays

The following was originally posted December 25, 2010 by Pam Moore for socialmediatoday.

Oh the memories of the holidays. The moments that make the memories. From the busy shopping to the eggnog, the neighborhood party, Christmas Eve Service, presents unwrapped Christmas morning to the crazy box of nuts you received from Uncle Albert.

What do we do to capture the memories? We take a photo with our iPhone or Android. Where do we go next? Facebook!

Why is the first memory pit stop Facebook? Because that’s where our heart is. No matter how much we hate to admit it, you know it’s true. It’s where everyone from your favorite clients to the babysitter, neighbor, in-laws and even great grandma goes to see what’s happening on your Christmas morning.

Even if you take the photos and post to Posterous, Daily Booth, Twitpic, Flickr or other, you also feed or post the most important family and Holiday photos and moments to Facebook.

It’s where we post a “Happy Holidays” message and within almost seconds, our most special friends respond immediately with heart felt wishes right back.

I often ask the question of those in my community what social media network they would keep if they could keep just one. I usually answer that if I could only pick one it would be Twitter. I have written many blog posts on why I love Twitter etc.

However, if asked on Christmas Day what social network I would choose to keep, my answer might be a bit different. I have to admit I would have a very hard time giving up Facebook. For without Facebook where would I see the photos of my book publisher’s kid with fake mustaches’s or the service my friends attended in Plant City, or the wishes from Grandma and Papa all on one page? The answer is nowhere, no platform can compete to what Facebook offers me throughout the Holiday.

There are numerous people I have met on Twitter or LinkedIn and now on Christmas morning I feel pure joy seeing photos of their little ones, dogs waking the family up. I get to see a glimpse of their morning and their life. It’s personal and it’s business. Because business is about relationships. How fun is it come Monday morning to do business with people we have built authentic relationships with, shared Thanksgiving, shared the entire Holiday season and the list goes on! What starts on Twitter often grows even stronger on Facebook, then circles right back to Twitter on Monday morning. Gotta love it!

So when we see the news headlines and blog posts stating Facebook won’t last, or that it’s a waste of time, those of us who have invested in Facebook for life and business have to laugh. Won’t last? I think I beg to differ. It will take a whole lot to pull the millions away from Facebook on Christmas Day. Even if you only log on for a few minutes, those minutes are priceless.

So as you venture off to enjoy the rest of your Holidays today, be thankful for those in your community. Be thankful we have a platform to share our blessings and greatest moments of life with. I know I am.

Happy Holidays to all who read this. Thank you to all of have helped me truly experience such great joy in sharing our lives together. I am thankful we have the social platforms that have enabled me to meet you, learn from you, learn about you, meet your family and become part of your community and life. I am blessed you are part of mine too!

p.s. This message by no means is communicating I am ready to give up Twitter. Good luck pulling that lil’ blue bird from my marketing and life bag of tricks. For now, we’ll leave that to another blog post.

Your Turn

What social media platform are you most leveraging to communicate and connect with those special to you in both life and business?


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5 Responses to There’s No Place Like Facebook for the Holidays

  1. andrewodom says:

    Professionally I use Facebook for 95% of my networking and business communication. Personally I have used Twitter and blog syndication to spread my brand. Facebook has become a secondary source for keeping my personal community connected.

    In life I tend to rely more on email. I find it to still be more personal and reach a much more broad audience. Yes, I could use FB messaging or something akin but if they have a FB account they obviously have a valid email addy.

  2. Molly Margosian says:

    I don’t use Twitter – Facebook has allowed me to reconnect with friends of old, and distant relatives I probably wouldn’t know as well as I do.
    The photos are surely helpful. My photo albums allowed my family to celebrate right along with us! Long Live Facebook!

  3. Santo Staropoli says:

    I agree with Molly. Not very familiar with Twitter, but have been able to reconnect and maintain relationships with friends and family all over the world. Sharing pictures seems to be Facebook’s biggest advantage. I will “like” Facebook for years to come….

  4. Kim Morrow says:

    I come late to this topic because I just found this site but I’d like to respond that for me Facebook is key and number one for social and business media. My “friends list” includes a business list (BTI), an industry list (Design) plus lists like, family, friends of family, forgotten friends, Marywood (friends from my master’s degree), favorites and so on. This is just to give you an idea of all the ways facebook has allowed me to connect to people in my life that I know I would never be communicating with otherwise.

    If I want to have a private conversation I will use facebook messages over my email because it so easy because it’s all in one place.

    I also relie on linkedin for professional contacts like those in our externship program or PAC board, etc. I like the fact that my portfolio is accessible from linkedin because I think it gives a well rounded, complete picture of who I am professionally. I don’t have my portfolio work on facebook but it does contain my other art pursuits.

    I have a twitter account but still don’t use it much because I haven’t quite figured it out.

    So in conclusion Facebook has done the most for opening up and making on connections active.

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