Top 5 Social Media Predictions for 2011

The Social Media Examiner is one of my daily stops on the Interweb. The Examiner is a free online magazine designed to help businesses discover how to best use social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to find leads, increase sales and generate more brand awareness. For us it is filled daily with tips and tricks and valuable insights.

Yesterday was no exception. Culminating ideas from right at 30 industry leaders, the Examiner put together a list of 30 Social Media Predictions of which I have pulled the Top 5 (as chosen by moi) that will resonate most with our social media strategies.

More companies will invest in social media.

“As paid search traffic and conversion rates continue to decline and become more expensive, companies will start looking to social media to replace volume. Therefore, measuring the ROI of social media will become a top priority as companies consider expanding budgets and staff members for social media–related activities.”

Nicole Kelly is the director of social media for CareOne Debt Relief Services and is passionately working to understand and help define social media measurement.

Facebook will become a real ecommerce platform.

“I predict Facebook will launch a Facebook-based ecommerce payment system so that users can truly complete the entire checkout process without leaving Facebook. No iFrames, no logging in to your Paypal account, etc. Look out, Paypal!”

Tim Ware is the owner of HyperArts Web Design, helping businesses build and promote their web presence. His focus these days is Facebook app development and Static FBML.

Social communication skills will get better.

“We will all get cleverer with how we communicate online and add a little etiquette as we realize we are not simply communicating with another computer, but a warm-blooded human. Networking and developing relationships online is no different than offline, so let’s stop treating it differently. The Internet has simply increased its scale.”

Linda Coles of Blue Banana is a sought-after speaker who also runs various workshops and seminars on how to use social media tools effectively and productively.

Social media will have an ever-larger impact in the search engine rankings.

“In the same way that the search engines currently value incoming links as a way of giving credibility to a website, I think we will also see Facebook Likes, tweets and other forms of social media sharing working their way into the formula. From a publishing perspective, this isn’t a big change. High-quality, outstanding content is still key to an organic SEO campaign. Publishers (and who isn’t a publisher these days) need to create content that others will want to share and make it easy for them to do so with Facebook Like buttons, Tweet This buttons and other easy-to-use social media tools built right into the post. Visitors should be encouraged to share across social media channels, especially as this sharing starts to play a more important role in the search engine rankings.”

Jim Lodico is a copywriter and marketing consultant specializing in creating powerful content and teaching businesses how to use blogs.

Deals, specials and discounts will flourish inside of Facebook pages.

“Facebook pages are quickly becoming the exclusive promo hubs; the place where businesses can offer exclusive discounts and specials to warm audiences on a consistent basis. And the best thing about Facebook promos is that they can spread virally inside Facebook and beyond quickly, cheaply and with few barriers. With the continuing sophistication and flexibility of Facebook pages, I predict we will see a huge rise of promo hubs inside Facebook and businesses will continue to create even more opportunities to gain greater visibility for themselves while offering enticing opportunities via great deals to their customers.”

Amy Porterfield is a social media strategy consultant. Her passion is helping companies, authors and speakers create raving fans using social media and online marketing.

What do you think? Is this Top 5 really a top 5 or just a handful of ideas? Do you see social media doing something different in 2011? If so, what? What is your prediction?


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8 Responses to Top 5 Social Media Predictions for 2011

  1. itslulu2u says:

    My prediction is that all five will come to fruition. Social Media will continue to dominate Public Relations, Marketing Strategies, Commerce and more. I am hearing of different social media paths daily…I just heard of something called Foursquare the other day! Not sure what that is all about, but just like Twitter, Linked, etc. some will catch on and grow like wildfire. It’s amazing how “connected” we are becoming all across the world.

  2. Molly Margosian says:

    So, are you saying that Facebook is going to continue to grow, change and adapt to the needs of the comsumer? Rather than becoming obsolete? Replaced by the “newest” thing?

    • andrewodom says:

      At least for now, yes. Odd, huh?

    • Ashli Kelly says:

      I think facebook is making other media oulets become obsolete. Myspace, email/IM, and even the telphone are begining or have already taken a backseat to the facebook craze. I have found it easier to reach friends and family through FB rather than dial their number!

  3. Rachel Garrison says:

    Its amazing to me how in a few short years facebook has grown so much, I was at a random gas station the other day and I went inside and on the door they had, “Find us on Facebook”….. Amazing! Now a days if you or your company does not have a facebook you seemingly will become irrelevant.

    • andrewodom says:

      I could not agree more. If you aren’t on Facebook, you aren’t in business (or so it seems).

      • Tyler says:

        I agree too. We used to joke in college that nothing was official until it was on Facebook. Now this is becoming the truth! If they can bring the e-commerce aspect onto Facebook then this will truly become a platform that businesses cannot live without.

  4. Jennie says:

    Jim Lodico speaks at how social media platforms will begin to drive consumer value (if I’m reading him correctly). I read recently that FB is working with some large retail companies to add FB likes to there pages. For example, if I’m at Barnes and Nobel and I find the latest book by Jim Butcher, there is a “like this” button on the site that will allow me to post that like to my wall. Likewise, and you may have seen it, it will also generate at number of likes on the page. Talk about a way to generate consumer value. It is (in a way) like a review of the product.
    Linda Coles also talks about how netiquette will increase. I like what she had to say and I’m hopeful she is correct. We have reached a point where people remember it’s another person they are typing/texting/chating/etc. and not a computer. Very cool to think about. Thanks Drew!

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