The Facebook Obsession

It aired all this past week. Some have accused Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg of taking over the world. It has a song that has been sung many times before; AOL, MySpace, Google, and the list goes on. But is it true or just extreme paranoia. You can see clips from the show as well as hear interviews on the CNBC website. From the girl who found and ultimately met her biological mom through Facebook to the police and investigators now using the world’s largest social network to track criminals, CNBC did its best to cover the beat that is Facebook.

Now it’s your turn to speak up. What do you think about…..(dum, dum, dummmmmm)….the FACEBOOK OBSESSION !!!!!!


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4 Responses to The Facebook Obsession

  1. Sabrina Kennon /Student Services Coordinator, OLS says:

    As an avid facebook user, I have accepted it as a normal part of everyday life. It’s easy, efficient, and available to anyone who takes the time to set it up. While I understand the concerns about the bevy of personal information, I also expect people to be cautious about what they post and the information they pass along. Facebook wouldn’t have the wealth of personal information if the masses didn’t so readily pass it along. There are always unintended consequences to any form of information sharing and information sharing is hardly new. For years we would just look in the newspaper for classifieds or for those local folks we would listen to the “Chatter Box” show on the radio.

  2. Jennie says:

    I’ve said this before on this site, and now I will say it again – I tend to be an idealist. I think Facebook, like every other technological advance that has come before it, can be used for good and for bad. I believe the best in people. While it’s possible for horrible things to happen with this kind of data gathering, I think that most people have good intentions and are using it to better our society. Guys, people felt the same way when Gutenberg invented the printing press in the 1400’s. Do we limit the potential for greatness because of the “what if” scenario? My answer would be “no”.

  3. Sherrie Coombs says:

    Do you agree with the opinions of the video? Do you believe that Mark Zuckerberg holds too much of our informatin?

    • andrewodom says:

      The show was broken down into 4 sections as best I could tell.

      1) The power of Facebook to reunite
      2) The history of Facebook
      3) The way Facebook has changed marketing and government
      4) The privacy issues of Facebook

      I think that FB has done amazing things to reunite lost family members, lost friends, and lost contacts. It is far more effective than the yellow pages and much easier to use than genealogy sites and resources.

      The history of Facebook is sketchy. Only a handful of people were in those Harvard dorm rooms during the early days. Intellectual property was not a growing law concern and ideas were expressed freely without copyright or NDA clauses. Zuckerberg could have very well stolen ideas. But that is always a risk when involved with partnerships, teams, etc. The point is that Zuckerberg had what it took to get the product to market.

      The face of marketing, law enforcement, government, etc. is forever changed. We now see the real power of the people even when separated by land and sea. No official will be elected from this point out without social media. There is no better way to get your policy and message to a larger audience in a shorter time frame.

      Yes, Zuckerberg has access to too much information. But he has that because we willingly made him the gatekeeper. The rules and policy’s of FB were made up and established by FB themselves. They are not the unwritten 11th commandment. If we check the box accepting the terms then we are opening ourselves up to whatever we put on our site. Is target marketing okay? Yes, we give them the target. Is unsolicited sales okay? Yes, we agreed to 3rd party apps.

      What it boils down to for me is understand what you are becoming involved in. If you don’t know how to drive why would you sit in the driver’s seat and start the ignition? If you don’t know how to swim why would you sign up for a scuba diving lesson? There has to be accountability on the part of the user.

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