The Time Has Come

Just moments ago I went to my Profile page only to find the following:

Yes folks, my desire to hold out and hold onto my “old” profile aesthetic has come to an end. Zuckerberg has called my bluff and once again forced me to comply. But I am going to beat him at his own game. I am going to make my new profile work for me. Want to know how?

On the new profile, your basic information is displayed on the top in a short narrative digest, such as where you work and where you live. You can now add what languages you speak to the list. (If you only speak English, don’t bother adding that detail. It will look…well, sad. Yes, you will look soooo uncultured!)

The profile also displays the five most recently tagged photos of you. Your friends can still only see the photos they have permission to view. To clean things up and only show your best photos, hit (x) in the top right corner of each photo to remove one from the section. Deleting it from this view does not delete it from Facebook. But it does keep it from appearing in this view!

You can list others who attended work and school with you, what projects you’ve done and classes you took.

If you have a large company, it can be strange to list a handful of people you work with and leave others off the list. I recommend adding only those people serving on the social media team with you. It is a nice way of showing solidarity in that team and only we’ll know why those are the few; the chosen! The same goes with listing schoolmates.

Check with your boss first if it’s OK to list a project you’re working on (in case the competition shouldn’t know about it). Saying “Social Media Team 2011” is perfectly fine though. Oh, and don’t be a bad team player by leaving a group member off the list. You shouldn’t list people in your project team unless you’re Facebook friends with everyone else in your project group. So take this time to make sure you are friends with everyone else on your campus social media team!

And if you’re wondering why certain friends are highlighted on the side of your profile, Facebook claims they are among the 50 friends you’ve had the most public interaction with in the past month and a half — displayed in random order every time you refresh the page. This is a great time to kill your “not so authentic” friendship with Tila Tequila or Justin Beiber!

Want to know what your profile looks like to the rest of the world? It’s always good to revisit the profile preview tool after making changes to your page. Go to Privacy Settings, click the link to customize settings, then click “preview my profile.”


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Social Media Manager at Delta Career Education Corp.
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7 Responses to The Time Has Come

  1. Dawn Zimmerman says:

    Thanks Drew for the updates. I will attempt to make those changes from my snowbound home today! UGH. Can you spell cabin fever – CABIN FEVER :0 (ME SCREAMING)

  2. Jessica Rohrbach says:

    How do we develop a wordpress profile?

  3. Jennie says:

    I saw this last night too and was going to ask you about it. 🙂 Oh well, I’ll just keep on keepin’ on!

  4. Jenni Vance says:

    I enjoyed and appreciated this blog VERY much because I have been a bit hesitant to “convert” to the new Facebook look. I sheepishly admit it was simply due to my not yet taking the time to educate myself on how it works. Now that it has been conveniently explained in a nutshell as far as the organization and benefits though, I believe I am ready to take the leap as well! 🙂

  5. Molly Margosian says:

    I’ll convert! I’ll convert!

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