What is Social CRM anyway???

We aren’t talking about the tool.

We’re talking about a commitment that most have already made. You manage relationships that you have with your customers past, present, and future. Most use a CRM or Lead Management tool to make it happen.

Alone, these tools are worthless. No matter how automated, how simple-to-use they are, true customer relationship management requires effort.

Social CRM is no different, as our friends at GetSatisfaction demonstrate…

The Changing of the Guard

It’s All About Influence

How Customer Relationships Evolved Into Social Customer Relationships

How Businesses Can Apply This Knowledge

  • Remember that social media is not just a broadcasting tool. This isn’t radio, television, or anything else that you’ve ever used in the past. Social media users (and the group is growing) demand a reason to engage with you.
  • People like rewards. The “reason” to engage doesn’t always have to be an incentive, but it certainly helps from time to time.
  • Your customers and potential customers have a voice as has been demonstrated through reviews and other social media formats. Being customer-centric in practice even if your CRM tools are company-centric will help you to create real relationships that turn into real sales.


This post was epic to me and came courtesy of Soshable!



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4 Responses to What is Social CRM anyway???

  1. Jennie says:

    You know I read this and I can’t help but think that it’s really about courtesy and good customer service. I mean anyone who has worked with the public knows that good service comes when you have a real desire to do the best you can for the customer. This is intrinsic, not extrinsic rewards here. I mean, me personally, I want to help that person find what they need because it’s the human thing to do.
    This is just an extension of that into the broader corporate world instead at just the point of contact.

    • andrewodom says:

      How DARE you say “customer service.” Such a dirty term in corporate America. You are absolutely right though. People “Like” your page or follow you because they feel like you pay attention to them. They want more of you, so to speak. They want to keep that feeling of importance forever. Lovely observation Jennie!

    • Tyler says:

      I totally agree with you Jennie. I feel like it’s that personal side of things that really drives people to our pages. The students don’t just see the institution. They see the individuals and that we honestly care about them and that’s what separates us from our competition.

  2. Molly Margosian says:

    I’m with Jennie!
    I’ll comment more tomorrow 🙂

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