TAG! You’re it!

Many of you are aware of my incessant encouragement to tag, tag, tag. This goes for photos, videos, links, status updates, etc. But few of you have stopped to ask why. So, today I explain, WHY?

Facebook allows a user to tag his friends, family members, colleagues, etc. in a photo either by embedding the tag directly on them or by embedding a virtual “shout out” (especially if they are not in the picture physically.)

The primary aim of this feature is to share with the world or your Facebook community, the persons and places in a particular photograph. But for our purposes there is a much higher calling for said tagging. We can use the tagging feature to notify our community and even members outside of our community of dynamic media.

No longer tagging a photograph just for specific and intended audiences but rather as a media tool to increase traffic to said photograph and thereby, our campus Fan pages.

So instead of tagging who the person in the photograph is, we embed tags specifically to gain the attention of those who may not yet be our friends (through our professional profiles) or the community at large. Those friends who have “you will be informed when someone tags you in a photograph” notification activated; receive an email message when his name tag is placed on the photograph. So rather than an identification tool, the tagging becomes a pinging tool, announcing that the user has uploaded a new photograph that either features them or will interest them.

How are you using tagging? Is there a tool I have missed? Is there a strategy that may work better? Do you think tagging is even effective in increasing traffic and fan base?


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Social Media Manager at Delta Career Education Corp.
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7 Responses to TAG! You’re it!

  1. Brianna Hines says:

    Tagging is very beneficial. I sometimes used tagging with a picture of a flyer for an event. A lot of times when making an event I will also use the flyer as a picture and tag as many people as I can. That way when they sign on they will see the notification and anyone that is their friend can also see what they are tagged in. If someone comments on the picture, it will send another notification.

  2. Molly Margosian says:

    Our students, graduates and fans LOVE to get tagged in photos! Especially the Cosmetology students! If you are ever in need of some quick, around campus pics, head to Cosmo! We also tag students in regularly on their birthday, to let them know that MMTC Charleston is celebrating with them too. This allows their friends to see our tag on the individual’s wall – hopefully drawing “non-fans” or prospective fans to come view our page. So far…so good!

  3. Jennie says:

    Brianna – what a great idea! I’ll be doing that from now on. The trouble I have with tagging is that I don’t always know who is in the photograph, video, etc. I suppose I should start getting names when the pic is taken. The other challenge is that I don’t have a lot of friends yet. Yikes, sorry Drew! I don’t think you can tag anyone that isn’t your friend and believe it or not, I’m an introvert. The idea of having 1,000 friends I don’t know is personally intimidating. It’s just a personal discomfort I haven’t gotten over yet.

    • andrewodom says:

      Someone on your team may be though. That is why tagging and monitoring the FB page needs to be stressed within each team. Let’s say you put up a photo album but don’t tag anyone because you don’t know who they are. Well, if teammember A takes a look at the pics during the day and recognized two people he/she can then tag them (if they are his friend already) or send them a friend request with which to tag the photo later. Whatever the case, it constantly brings in new community members.

  4. Rachel Garrison says:

    I personally like to post a status update on my professioanl facebook and then tag people, places, or MMC! It is a great way to reach out to more of my network in my opinion!

  5. Michelle Bing says:

    I like your idea Rachel. I’ll be giving it a try!

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