Quick Facebook Page Posting Tips

“Leadership has been defined as the ability to hide your panic from others”

So most campuses have now changed their Fan page over to the new, ahem, upgrade. I have even heard some reviews on the situation. And while the jury is still out on how we will most accurately and with the most ROI, leverage this new look, I did have some thoughts on how to maintain our fanbase while increasing interest in our pages. To that end, I offer these tips:

  • Stay Relevant. When posting to other pages, fight the urge to over-post. Remember, if you are viewed as a spammer, you could lose your page altogether.
  • Enhance the Conversations. The branding aspect of the change will make you want to post everywhere about everything. In this case, quality is much more important than quantity. A thoughtful, provocative comment left on a page will go much further than 10 weak comments.
  • Go Bigger. Let’s say you’re a Verizon Wireless showroom. You should be watching and commenting on posts on the Verizon Wireless wall as well as the various brand and model pages that Verizon has put up.
  • Go Local. Using the Verizon Wireless example, remember that there is a world outside of your products. If you’re a local business, you should be watching and posting on walls of local interest such as newspapers, television stations, charities, and sports teams.
  • Don’t Neglect Your Own Wall. One of the potential drawbacks is that we get so focused on spreading our brand and message that we forget to monitor and keep our own walls engaging.
  • Like Pages Sparingly. Since pages now have the ability to like other pages, one of the drawbacks is that posts by the pages that you like can now appear in your page streams. The potential for noise is much higher now. Be very selective with who your page likes and be willing to unlike them if their posts dominate your stream.
  • Converse… with Yourself. No, I don’t mean create artificial dialogues between multiple pages that you run in order to seem more interesting (I know it crossed your mind). What I do mean is that you can enhance your brand messages by having different departments or pages themselves talking to and about each other in a way that wasn’t easy before. Imagine, for example, if the MMTC – Raleigh and the MMTC – Chattanooga pages worked together to cross-brand different angles of the same message by posting on their own walls as well as each others’. Visitors to either will be able to follow the links to the other and improve the overall brand exposure of the whole.

Again, there are so many possible applications to these changes. Quell any urge to spam. Always take the high road, particularly in social media. However, do not let the high road stop your creativity. Be active and enticing, interesting and bold.

Watch for the changes to the changes to the changes that will be coming. Facebook is notorious for changing things quickly and without notice, so be mindful. Once things settle, I will post more of my findings. Some of them (if they stick) will change the way you handle your Facebook marketing forever.


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Social Media Manager at Delta Career Education Corp.
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3 Responses to Quick Facebook Page Posting Tips

  1. Jennie says:

    I haven’t moved to the new page layout yet. I’m waiting to talk with my team to make sure everyone is one the same page. Who’s moved and what do you think??

  2. Tyler says:

    While I do not like that the page does not flow cronologically anymore, I do like that admins can view it that way. As with all the previous changes we will continue to adapt and overcome and get our message out there.

  3. FYI — Here’s an nice, easy-to-read article outlining the new facebook page features. Thought you all might enjoy it:

    (Thanks to American Libraries Direct for highlighting it in its latest email… )

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