Questioning Facebook Questions?

This post was originally written by Gini Dietrich for the Spin Sucks blog.

Well, I guess we don’t have to worry about not liking Quora any longer. Because Facebook questions are here!

According to the social platform:

“Questions is designed so that anyone on Facebook can help you find the answer. For example, when you ask a question and your friends answer or follow, their friends can see and answer it, too. You can get recommendations on restaurants, music, and more!”

So far I’ve seen politics, Mac vs PC, whether or not Facebook should have an unlike button, what you’re doing tonight, innie or outie, and definitely the more they promised. All you have to do is click on “questions” on the left-hand side of your home page and you’ll find more information than you probably ever need.

My newsfeed was overrun with them on Friday afternoon and it was getting quite annoying. But things seemed to have settled down since then.

It’s too early to say whether or not they’ll work, but I can see them as a HUGE market research tool.

For instance, what to know if people will buy your new product? Ask a Facebook question. Want to understand people’s purchase habits? Ask. Want to know how people consume your media? Ask!

The best part? No one can edit your questions and rate an answer. People can add more answers to the poll, but that is the only editing that can happen.

Even though this is one step closer to Facebook achieving Global Domination before me, I think there will be some value in the questions. Assuming, of course, people don’t take advantage and they overrun your newsfeed. And Facebook needs to make it a better user experience. But all-in-all, I think the pros outweigh the cons.

What are your thoughts? Are you planning on using the questions feature? Have you already used it? What will you use it for?


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5 Responses to Questioning Facebook Questions?

  1. I’d be curious to hear what your readers think! I’m still on the fence.

  2. Tyler says:

    I think this could be a great opportunity, however, from what I’ve seen applications like this tend to have a short shelf life. They go strong for a month or so and are able to generate results, but then they become viewed as more of a nuisance and fizzle out. This definitely shows Facebook’s attempt at providing more value to businesses though.

  3. Jennie says:

    I haven’t seen the app but it sounds interesting at least. Tyler makes a good point though – sometime they start strong and then just disappears. I generally try to avoid apps on FB as much as possible because I like to limit how many people/organizations/groups, etc have access to my info. On a side note (and I can’t believe I’m saying this but it might be worth thinking about) I wonder how much more we can put into anything before we really start to lose people. I mean people talk about the digital divide and I know it certainly exists physically but what about a digital divide in terms of educational processing. Will people ever understand the value of something like this or do we educate half a generation of people to think that the status of their bellybutton is important?

    • I like your side note and think it’s a very valid concern! Our chief content officer wrote last week that Facebook is becoming Wal-Mart. So it’s probably going to happen VERY soon!

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