Now is the time we start really putting into practice the relationship between PR and Social Media. How, you ask? (and this will help considerably in planning out your overall monthly strategies)

Research Using methods such as SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) as well as secondary and primary research on what others have done.
Goal Large overarching vision for your communication

Example: To raise the number of people getting secondary education. 

P  People, the most important part of your purpose

Example: High-school Juniors and Seniors 

O Objectives, measureable, or SMART Objectives

Example: Raise the number of high school juniors and seniors applying for college by 20% over two years in the pilot schools. 

S Strategies, the general approach you plan to take

Example: Education and support to overcome obstacles and objections to college or other secondary programs 

T  Tactics, the channels and other things you will do

Example: Use Facebook, texting and in-person mentoring 

Implementation Should include timeline, budget and allocate the people and other resources to each task
Evaluation This is the measurement portion of the plan and it should match with the Objectives

What do you think? Does it make sense? Is it achievable? Is it a viable way to go beyond just status updates about the weather all the time?

As we continue to march forward more and more emphasis will be put on social media and more and more results will be expected. I bring this information to you asking you to read it, think about it, talk back to me about it.

Let me hear from you. I know there are some incredibly bright ideas just waiting to be launched and they are coming from you! So, let’s start today – June 1 – working smarter to use the tools right before us.

You in?


PS – Forward this along to the members of your social media teams. We can all talk about it!



About andrewodom

Social Media Manager at Delta Career Education Corp.
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One Response to And….IT’S GOOD!

  1. This is great! What I love about it is that it gives some concrete direction to those of us who are just starting to understand business models. AWESOME! It is also a spectacular learning opportunity for those that wish to take it on – since so many of us are in different locations we must actually use the tools to complete our objective collectively. It’s an experiment in virtual operations for us.
    I’m looking forward to the challenge.
    Thanks Drew!

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