The myth of the QR code

Perhaps you aren’t intimately familiar with the QR code. It is that barcode looking thingee at the footer of USA Today or on the Verizon ads or even in your favorite grocery store. It is a bit odd at first and if you don’t have a smartphone it seems a complete waste of time. However, it does have some function and the debate is as heated as ever.  Most would probably say that QR codes are completely over rated, because most people still don’t have a reader. The infographic below (created by Lab42) may offer a little more insight!

Almost 60% of people say they are NOT familiar with QR codes at all. Meanwhile, 46% of people who use QR codes, scan them for discounts. And 42% of those people have used them as a Ticket, with 62% of those saying it was a concert ticket. Seriously. Check it out below!


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8 Responses to The myth of the QR code

  1. I think like most anything else it will depend on the content associated with the code. For mobile devices it can make getting to a URL easier. I haven’t really used them personally but I don’t have a smartphone either (I know don’t send any hate mail) 🙂

    I can think of lots of interesting uses for them though.

  2. If you’re saying scanning equals more coups, I’m all for it.

  3. Bristol says:

    I’m actually shocked that half the population knows what these are. Can Apple turn this into another smug commercial? “Do you know what this (QR code) is? Then you don’t have an iPhone.”

  4. alexa chance says:

    I have used the codes to get special products, offers and discounts. It’s easy but not really fair to those without a smart phone.

  5. Rob says:

    I don’t have the technology required to benefit from this.

  6. Maria Young says:

    There is a local restuarant in Clarksville that has their tables covered in these codes for various businesses. I’ve heard several conversations at other tables (yes, I am guilty of eavesdropping. I can admit it) about the codes. Usually, some one at the table isn’t familiar with them and the other person(s) sitting at the table will explain what they are. Once people know what they are and how easy it is to use them, they’re all about it!

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