Tagging and captioning your photos

Today’s tip is about photos. We all have them. We all post them. We all love looking at them. But are we all getting maximum exposure from them? Probably not.

Tag Each Photo With Your Page Name And An Influencer’s (or Fan’s) Name

Posting a photo without tagging it strategically = FAIL.

Always use your page name to tag your photos. But if you want to get the attention of an influencer, tag the photo with their name using “@name” giving them atextual shout out in your description as to why you tagged them.

Are they the nicest person you know? The smartest? The most successful? Your goal is to let them know why they are key to the success of your campus as well as why you want them to be part of the community, at large.

Facebook’s tagging feature puts these type of actions on their page, increasing your chances of getting their attention. Someone who does this better than anyone is Mari Smith.

(Remember – it’s not about you – it’s about them first!) 

Here is a great example of this tagging strategy of a photo Mari posted of herself with Guy Kawasaki.

Social Media Consultant | Facebook Book Marketing

Now she is a smart cookie, so she’s also using her social capital to show her prospects and followers her “inner circle”… but don’t panic!

You don’t need need Guy in your photo for this to work!  You can use the mayor, a business leader, or even a normal student!

Let me explain….

Pretend you finally put together an amazing workshop to be held in the media center on sustainable energy. You could consider promoting it like this…

1. Add your description to the photo with link to the book.

2. After tagging the photo with your name, include the name of your book’s fan page (if you have one and you should), tag Guy (or influencer) with @fanpagename.

3. Then you should add a link to the photo in your description to his page where he’s promoting his book

“It’s been a long time coming but never before have we had such a chance to talk about such an important topic. A few years back [@AlGore] talked about climate control and now that topic has found its way to [@Berks Technical Institute – Wyomissing, PA]. You can find out more by visiting our site [http://link].” Oh, and are you coming @Baxter Vendrick ? It wouldn’t be the same without you!”

It’s very important to make sure you’ve liked the page of your influencer BEFORE you do this, so you can use the Facebook tagging strategy correctly with a link to his page is in the Facebook drop down book as I’ve shown below.

To make this work, again AFTER “liking” his page, when you type the “@” sign and the first letter of his name, you’ll see it as drop down from Facebook. You can highlight it to select it, hit enter and you will have effectively ensured Al Gore would see it on HIS page.

(Note:  Don’t actually use the “[ ]” I show you in the post. I used that to let you know it’s a “link”.)


Tip courtesy of Lori Taylor of Social Caffeine


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5 Responses to Tagging and captioning your photos

  1. I was always unclear on where to do this kind of tagging. Usually when you tag a photo with people you have to put the tags in the photo. Never occurred to me to use the description area. Thanks Drew!

  2. Maria Young says:

    It never occurred to me that by tagging someone in a photo we could get so much out of it. I typically just tag people and leave it at that. I now know we can fit so much more in a photo than the photo itself.

  3. Alison Mecca says:

    Sweet! I’m going to try that on our next post. 🙂

  4. itslulu2u says:

    Awesome. I will definitely try this idea!

  5. Molly Margosian says:

    Great advice on how to make the most of your post! 🙂 Molly

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