Facebook -vs- Google

Since the launch of Google Plus, internet critics, heavy ‘net users, and folks like myself have started comparing Facebook and Google Plus. If you don’t know what it is then you are either living under a rock or you aren’t reading any sort of news outlet. So, let me tell you, it is a brand new social network created by Google. Everybody wanted to compare the features of these 2 giants; and why not?

Therefore guys at The Tech Addicts made a graphic to compare various features of these social networks. They both have advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to you to decide where you want to stay longer.


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4 Responses to Facebook -vs- Google

  1. I’m still out, I don’t know which I like better, or if I even have a preference. I prefer the notification area better in Google+ but it’s really just what side of the screen you look on. Google+ right, Facebook left.

    Circles and friend lists. Again it’s the same thing just a preference on details. I like that you can create your own circles in Google+ and I’m pretty sure you can place people in multiple circles. Can you do that on FB friend lists? I’m not sure, will have to check it out.

    Any conspirers out there? 🙂
    Google might just take over the world. People underestimate the power behind the “Internet’s library”. Of course I could be biased. I am, afterall, a librarian. 🙂

    • andrewodom says:

      I have been on Google+ for one week now. Do I like it? I don’t know. So far I have just been building up my circles and “double posting” content from my blog and Facebook. G+ is cleaner which certainly appeals to me and is free of ads which REALLY appeals to me. But I have to wonder if this is going to be a ‘bait and switch’ sort of deal.

      To answer your questions Jennie, yes, you can put people in multiple lists on FB. I have you in like 3 lists. HAHAHAHAHAHA

      Yes, Google will ultimately take over the world. Leads me to ask…anyone other than me seen the Chromebook?

  2. Laurie Schenck says:

    Since Google+ seems to have many options in the works- I would prefer to stay with Facebook until Google works out all the kinks! Although I do agree, Google will utlimately take over the world

  3. Wil Preston says:

    I must say…the chromebook seems FANTASTIC! I read that boots in 8 seconds and resume instantly! And not to mention it is designed to get faster over time!!! Can you imagine how quickly I am going to be able to post to facebook?!?! Just in case you couldn’t tell, I really want one 🙂

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